Hi. We're the Humortals

We're a connected comedy group committed to producing great work with people all over the globe.

Ever thought writing comedy might be for you? It is. We will show you how we do it.

If there's not a comedy theatre offering classes in your town, or you just like interacting online, we're your jam. We are completely community supported, so if you like what we're up to, join us.

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  • A podcast about a hopeful gladiator who seeks fame, but is assigned to the worst arena in the empire.

  • A husband and wife's homemade car podcast.

Get Involved

If you're new to comedy writing, we can help. You can download a book on our comedy philosophy for free, or take our online course to help get you on your way.

Like most improv/sketch theatres, we use the money we make from classes to produce new work.

Hopefully, people like the work we make, so they become patrons. That money goes back into making more work too. Easy, right?


Get Feedback

At the core, our idea is that of a community. More comedy, more better. If you need help or have a question about your comedy practice, drop by the subreddit or jump on the discord for a live chat. We'll try to help.

Standard online etiquette applies. If you're just planning to spam links to work you already created, that's not really what we're for. If you hang around a while and contribute a bit, though, people will ask what you're working on.

In other words, yeah, we're DTF. We just want a little dinner first. Maybe some dancing.

Make Work

If you hang around with us a while you can start helping us make stuff. We'll also share what has worked for us in the past so you can go make your own thing, if that's more your style.

Either way, we hope you'll agree that part of having skills is sharing them with others. If you have skills already, why not help us help newcomers?